Rowdy Rathore 5 Days Collections

Rowdy Rathore has collected Rs 15 crores all over India on Day 1 (early estimates). It’s a record for a non-holiday release, but the figures are about 30% lower than the first day collections of Agneepath and Bodyguard (21 crores).

As expected, the single-screen figures are mind-boggling with many centers recording 100% collections. At multiplexes, the occupancy was lower at around 65 – 70%.

Like with most big releases, a slight drop is expected on Saturday, but Sunday should be huge. We expect the first weekend to be around Rs 46 – 48 crores.

    Day 1 (Friday) – 15 crores
    Day 2 (Saturday) – 14.75 crores
    Day 3 (Sunday) – 18.5 crores
    First Weekend – 48.25 crores
    Day 4 (Monday) – 9.1 crores
    Day 5 (Tuesday) – 8 crores
    Total so far – 65.35 crores (approx)

Update: Rowdy Rathore has exceeded our expectations on Day 2, as the film picked up at multiplexes. Single screens collections dropped slightly, but that was expected as the occupancy on Day 1 was more than 90%.

If the film manages to sustain at the box office, especially at multiplexes, it could well topple Agneepath to take the top spot for the biggest grosser of 2012. As for the first weekend collections, it’ll be similar to what we predicted yesterday – around 46 to 48 crores.

Update: After a great weekend, Rowdy Rathore sustained very well at the box-office during the weekends. SUPERHIT


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