Shakuni First Day First Show Updates

Updated at 10:56 AM

Interesting election canvassing scenes by Radhika and Karthi

Updated at 10:49 AM

Nasser comes in as B.D.Swamiji

Updated at 10:45 AM

Duet between Karthi and Pranitha is on now.. Shot in beautiful locales.

Updated at 10:33 AM

Interval. First half is spent in establishing a basic plot. The political satires and the game should start in the second half

Updated at 10:30 AM

Radhika comes in as Ramanakka, a local Don.

Updated at 10:27 AM

Prakash Raj and Karthi's confrontation scene has turned out well. Story might take a twist now

Updated at 10:09 AM

Political track moves aside for a romantic track between Karthi and Pranitha

Updated at 9:59 AM

The first fight of the film breaks out in a liquor den..Santhanam is Karthi's companion.. Karthi's name is Kamal and Santhanam's name is Rajini

Updated at 9:55 AM

Finally, Pranitha the heroine makes an entry..time for the second song 'Rangu Bongaram'

Updated at 9:48 AM

Anushka makes a surprise cameo.. She looks beautiful in a police uniform.

Updated at 9:46 AM

Interesting satires on the political system and on leaders..

Updated at 9:34 AM

The movie's first sequences have good political drama.. Karthi makes a cool entry with trademark dialogue delivery. Starts off immediately with opening song

Updated at 9:25 AM

Hello folks.. We are bringing you live updates from Karthi's 'shakuni'. The movie has just started with Prakash Raj and Chandramohan in opening sequences


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