‘Eega’ 3D In 5 Languages

The buzz that ‘Eega’ has been creating has been reaching new territories and new records. So far, the Telugu and Tamil versions have been received very well. Just recently it was reported that the Hindi version will also be there by December and that too in the 3D format. It is titled as ‘Makki’.
But here is another addition to it. The 3D version of ‘Eega’ is coming to south as well. Yes, news is that the makers have decided to release the up close version in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada as well. As such, the cost to be incurred for this move may not be much because it is only the visual aspect which has to change.
If this is true then this will answer all those who were commenting on whether ‘Eega’ will have repeat audience. On the other hand, the film will get enough muscle to race for the top grosser slot in Tollywood. Well, it is time again to start speculating on whether ‘Eega’ will take on ‘Gabbar Singh’ or not.


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