Mahesh and Nagarjuna appreciates 'Eega'

Eega is getting praises from each and every one those who watched and fall in love with the movie. Now it is the time for superstars to appreciate Eega's Magic. Super Star Mahesh Babu and King Nagarujuna responded about 'Eega' in a social net work website. 

Mahesh Babu ?@urstrulyMahesh: Eega will stand out as 1 of d greatest films ever made in the Telugu film industry. Take a bow ssrajamouli:)congratulations to the entire team..., A special mention needs 2b made for sudeep's performance...outstanding!!!

Nagarjuna Akkineni ?@iamnagarjuna: Now I know what SS Rajamouli stands for, it stands for Sure Shot Rajamouli. Now with EEGA he's become an icon for the telugu film industry!!

The EEGA couldn't have buzzzzed without Keervani's background. Keervani my friend never stops evolving ! Congrats to you. Coming from an actor(me),EEGA is not the hero of the film, Sudeep is. Sudeep is incredible as Sudeep in EEGA! Welcome to telugu land. Congrats to the Rajamouli family, I know everybody is a part of it. EEGA has been buzzing in my ear since last night !!!


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